Marko Grilc


Marko Grilc is most famous for winning the Air & Style Competition in 2009 and landing an interview with Playboy Magazine that very same year. Starring in this benchmark of men's literature was enough for Marko and he's been hoovering up titles ever since. Grilc is a fixture of the competition circuit with a number of incredible video parts also under his belt. He starred in the European version of ‘Maxim’ and has his own web series with the 'Grilosodes' and the full lenght Red Bull film, ‘Grilomentary’. His most impressive turn to date was in the genre-defining '91 Words for Snow'; his exploits on snowmobile and board He won the O’Neil evolution Slopestyle in 2010 and came in 3rd in the European X Games. He also won gold at the 2013 Billabong Air & Style Competition. Marko Grilc was born on 1983 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and is the first superstar Eastern bloc rider. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he did not grow up around mountains, but his childhood dream was to become a professional snowboarder and he was determined to do whatever it took to make this dream a reality. In his younger years, he would practice his tricks on the Austrian slopes whenever he got a chance and it was here that he perfected his skills to compete in the professional realm. Marko has proved himself a champion in competition and on film. While some pro's would be happy with a haul as impressive as Grilc's, Marko hasn't stopped yet and doesn't look like hanging up his board anytime soon.

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